On medieval tracks:
castle life and fortress romantics

Take a trip to the romantics of times long passed and to life at court - that’s what you can do at the south-German tour of castles and fortresses. Each day will lead you to a new destination, at night you return to the residence town Hechingen below the fortress Hohenzollern. For lovers of culture the hotel Klaiber has compiled an arrangement, which you can book throughout the year.

1. day: Arrival and visit to Fortress Hohenzollern near Hechingen.
The Fortress Hohenzollern is one of the mot beautiful and most visited fortresses in Europe. Relish the spectacular round view, which already Emperor Wilhelm II admired. There will be guided tours every day.

2. day: Tübingen Castle (25 km) / Sigmaringen Castle (30 km).
Tübingen: The former fortress, which was rebuilt into a fortified castle in the 16th century, was one of the most important defensive installations of Swabia. The development from a medieval fortress into a princely residence castle is reflected by the Sigmaringen Castle, open daily from February until November.

3. day: Lichtenstein Castle (25 km).
The novel “Lichtenstein” inspired the reconstruction. Today Lichtenstein Castle is a romantic knights’ fortress in neogothic style, open from April until October, in March and November at the weekends and on holidays.

4. day: Roman Open-Air Museum Hechingen-Stein & departure.
At the end of the first century, the region is part of the Roman Empire and large farm estates are built. Also in the vicinity of Hechingen such a Villa rustica for more than 200 years provided a place to live and work for the people. Rediscovered by pure chance, today the farm estate is an open-air museum, open from April until October.

Those who want a variety of sport activities apart from the cultural pursuits, can chose between golf course, tennis club and rambling routes. The arrangement with three nights at the hotel Klaiber at Hechingen can be booked either with breakfast, half-board (lunch at the restaurant Klaiber) or full-board (+ dinner at the partner restaurant Kupferpfanne - www.hechingen-kupferpfanne.de).
Prices per person in double / single room

3 nights with breakfast
120.00 € / 150.00 €
3 nights with half-board
165.00 € / 195.00 €
3 nights with full-board
210.00 € / 240.00 €

Please note: The castle and fortress tour can be well combined with an arrival by train.